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All-Standard 0-3GHz Modulator for PCIe


Products sold

    Model number Description Supplied software, modulation option
    DTA-2116-SP DTA-2116 with StreamXpress player software · StreamXpress: TS playback software
    · Corresponding modulation method: Modulation method other than the corresponding modulation method column * described below can be used.
    DTA-2116-GOLD DTA-2116 full option pack · StreamXpress: TS playback software
    · T2Xpress DVB-T2 (multi PLP) signal generation software
    · C2Xpress DVB-C2 signal generation software
    · TmmXpress ISDB-Tmm signal generation software
    · Atsc3Xpress Atsc3.0 signal generation software
    · Corresponding modulation system: All modulation and function options in the modulation method column and function option column can be used.


Input: 10 - MHz / 1 pps
Output: RF (main, monitor output)

Product features

  • Versatile: Supports a wide range of cable, terrestrial, and satellite modulation standards. Also generates arbitrary RF waveforms
  • All-digital: High-quality, low-noise output signal through SDR and digital upconversion
  • Synchronization: Enables SFN and multi-Tx antenna simulations through high-precision syncing to an external clock reference
  • Programmable: All parameters are software-adjustable for automation purposes
  • 80dB: Impressive output level range!

Corresponding modulation method

  • ATSC 1.0
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-S, DVB-S2
  • DVB-T, DVB-T2 single PLP
  • QAM-B, QAM-C
  • ATSC-M/H *
  • ATSC3.0 *
  • CMMB *
  • DAB(+), DRM(+), T-DMB *
  • DVB-C2 *
  • DVB-S2X *
  • DVB-T2 multi PLP *
  • IQ *
  • ISDB-S *
  • ISDB-S3 *
  • ISDB-T *
  • ISDB-Tmm *

* Modulation option


  • Channel simulation option: White noise (AWGN) can be added to the output signal. You can use it for channel simulation use.

Block Diagram

The DTA-2116 is an all-digital modulator that generates a high-quality RF signal. Unlike traditional analog modulators, it performs all signal processing digitally, providing increased flexibility and precision. See the functional block diagram below.

The DTA-2116 receives I/Q packets generated by a software modulation process over the PCIe bus. The I/Q packets are buffered in a DDR memory-based transmit FIFO before further processing. The DTA-2116 then performs channel filtering, resampling, gating, and digital upconversion to generate a digitally upconverted modulated signal, which is then converted into an analog RF signal by a high-performance RF-DAC. The analog RF signal is low-pass filtered and amplified or attenuated with a programmable gain.

The DTA-2116\'s master clock generator synchronizes the device\'s oscillator to either an internal 10MHz oscillator or an external 10MHz timing reference for more accurate or synchronized timing. The Sync block enables synchronous starting with the 1pps input signal, facilitating precise synchronization between multiple modulators.



  • R&D: Ideal for developing and testing digital TV equipment, as well as experimenting with new RF modulation schemes
  • Broadcasting: The high signal quality makes the DTA-2116 an excellent choice for actual broadcasting applications
  • Automatic Testing: Automatically cycle through a range of frequencies, levels and modulation parameters, making it useful for factory testing and automated quality control
  • Simulation: Simulate GPS, MIMO, or any other multi-transmit antenna configuration

Supported software

  • StreamXpress TS / SDI playback software
  • T2Xpress DVB-T2 (with multi PLP) signal generation software * DVB-T2 multi PLP option license for modulation option is required
  • C2Xpress DVB-C2 Signal Generation Software * DVB-C2 option license for modulation option is required
  • TmmXpress ISDB - Tmm signal generation software * ISDB - Tmm option license for modulation option is required
  • Atsc 3 Xpress Atsc 3.0 signal generation software * Atsc 3.0 option license of modulation option is required
  • XpressSim fading option * Function Optional channel simulation option license is required

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