Digital broadcast signal multiprocessing software

VILLAGEFLOW is versatile and flexible software suitable for operation and development of digital broadcast signal (TS) processing system. We provide integrated platform that can build TS system by combination of input / output processing of various digital broadcast signals (TS) and broadcast processing.
This makes it possible to construct inexpensive high-quality broadcasting equipment which could not be realized so far, and it is also possible to realize various experiment broadcasts and new broadcasting services.
In addition to various ARIB encoding processes, ISDB – T modulation output, data broadcasting and EPG generation, one – segment service, DVB and ATSC etc, which are worldwide broadcast standards, are also supported.



TS processing modules with the following features are available on VILLAGEFLOW. By combining these modules, you can build a system that is tailored to your needs.

①Real Time Encode/Decode

  • 4K, HD, SD, 1-Seg, others..
  • MPEG2-HD, SD
  • PC Screen Capture
  • AVI File Input

②ARIB Data / EPG / Closed Caption

  • ARIB Data Broadcast
    ・Use standard BCML content for input
    ・Output multiple ES
    ・BML real time update
    ・Support Module update
    ・Support Ginga-NCL

  • EPG
    ・Support multi standard (ARIB, DVB, ATSC)
    ・Output EPG data from EPGML, and real time update


  • Multi TS input
  • PID filtering
    ・Specify PID, or PID range
  • Remap PID
  • Restamp Time
    ・PCR Restamp
  • PSI/SI Generation
  • Output different interfaces
  • EWBS Real-Time switch
  • Seamless configuration switch


  • TS File input
    ・Loop Play
    ・Time Stamp adjust
     (PCR, PTS/DTS, TOT)
    ・Support Multi TS file play and Remultiplex
    ・Schedule TS file play
  • TS File Output
    ・Export TS file
    ・Chunk File out

⑤TS over IP

  • IP Specification
    ・Protocol: UDP(Multicast/Unicast)
     TCP, RTP
     FEC(DekTec I/F)
    ・Configurable: Destination IP Address, Port Number
    ・Multi Input/Output support

⑥TS Analysis / Monitoring

  • TS Analysis
    ・TS Packet Analysis
    ・TS Rate (PID)
    ・PCR Analysis
    ・PSI/SI, TOT Analysis
  • TS Monitoring
    ・ETR-101 290
  • ARIB Data Broadcast Analysis
    ・Module Bitrate
    ・Module Synclonize
    ・Module Download


    ・Support (A/B/C) layer
    ・Segment Setting
    ・Frequency, Channel Number
  • ISDB-S BS 
    ・Support Slot for BS
  • Support the other standards
    ・DTMB, CMMB etc..

⑧IPDC / Multimedia Broadcast

  • Input
    ・IP Packet(IPv4)
    ・IP Address, Port specification
  • Convert Data
    ・INT Generation 
    ・Filter frequency
  • Standard
    ・IPDC Forum


User Case

Hybridcast/Data Broadcasting Verification System

The Hybrid Cast Before Broadcast / Provides a simplified version of the actual broadcast environment for preliminary data broadcast content testing. It is used by data broadcast production sites and broadcasting stations. It is also possible to multiplex video and audio from a TS file that does not require encode power as the source, making it possible to build a verification system using a laptop PC with low specs.

Multimedia Broadcasting Verification System

We have quickly adapted to new broadcasting methods such as ISDB-Tmm and V-LOW. Our services are not only used for verification, demonstration and research purposes in whitespace and area one-segment, but also as equipment for main use. Our module-based functionality and software MUX enable flexible handling of new methods and technologies.

Digital Broadcasting Facility's In-House Listening System

It is possible to watch local broadcasts on ordinary digital TVs and recorders without adding special receiving equipment, using existing antenna cable networks. It is used as a self-broadcasting facility for hotels and schools. It is also possible to deliver facility and equipment guidance of customers not only in visual and audio content but also in data broadcasting.

One Seg IP Transmission Broadcasting System

We broadcast video from remote locations using IP networks for OneSeg viewership. Our service is popular for event coverage and transmitting material for OneSeg.

VILLAGEFLOW(TM) is a trademark that combines technology for terrestrial digital broadcasting and IP broadcasting, providing digital video signal processing technology that is suitable for various applications.

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