Conversion and Playout application from BST to BSC for ISDB-S3


Product features

ViPlayS3 is a tool to convert and play the BS-transaction TLV stream into BS-compound(Broadcast) TLV stream for ISDB-S3 standard.

 〇Supported file format
  ISDB-S3 PCAP TLV stream

 〇Input stream type
  - BS-compound(Broadcast) TLV stream
  - BS-transaction TLV stream
   * Please Note; only support single modulation transaction TLV stream, not support to the transaction TLV stream of hierarchical modulation.

Frequency range

・Support the BS / CS right-handed band until 2.1 GHz, due to the frequency range of the Dektec modulator(DTA-2115B/DTU-315).

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