Digital broadcast signal multiprocessing software


Product Summary

VILLAGEFLOW is versatile and flexible software suitable for operation and development of digital broadcast signal (TS) processing system. We provide integrated platform that can build TS system by combination of input / output processing of various digital broadcast signals (TS) and broadcast processing.
This makes it possible to construct inexpensive high-quality broadcasting equipment which could not be realized so far, and it is also possible to realize various experiment broadcasts and new broadcasting services.
In addition to various ARIB encoding processes, ISDB - T modulation output, data broadcasting and EPG generation, one - segment service, DVB and ATSC etc, which are worldwide broadcast standards, are also supported.


· Use standard BCML content
Support for sending multiple ESs
· Real time of BCML content

  • Update support

· Module update support
· Event message correspondence

  • EPG

· Subtitle synchronized with video
(Fixed subtitles, One-segment subtitles)
Real time subtitle sending 3) Multiplexer

  • Multiple TS multiple processing
  • PID filter

· PID specification, PID range specification

  • PID change
  • Time stamp adjustment

· PCR restamp

  • Sending PSI / SI

· PSI setting, TOT, other SI

  • TS distribution output possible

TS file

  • TS file input

· Repeat playback supported
· Time stamp adjustment
· Continuous reproduction of multiple TS files
Scheduled playback of multiple TS files

  • TS file output

· Save as TS file
· By file sorting

  • Simplified Recording Support

TS over IP

  • IP specifications

Protocol: UDP (multicast supported), TCP, RTP (using DekTec products)
Line quality: FEC (using DekTec products)
· Setting item: IP address, port number specification
· Multiple correspondence: Multiple IP, simultaneous input / output processing ※ Using IP
· IP line must be prepared by customer
· Please prepare sufficient bandwidth for IP
· Depending on the system, other company\'s products can be proposed as high quality H / W

TS analysis, monitoring

  • TS analysis

TS packet analysis
· TS rate (PID unit)
· PCR analysis
· PSI / SI, TOT analysis

  • TS monitoring

· ETR-101 290 compatible

  • Data broadcast monitoring

· Module rate
· Module synchronization
· Module download


  • ISDB-T, QAM modulation

· Supports hierarchical (A / B / C) modulation setting
· Segment setting
· Frequency, output level setting

  • ISDB-S BS modulation

· Slot setting for BS
Frequency setting

  • Supports other modulation methods

· DVB-S / C / T / T 2 / H / SH
· DTMB, CMMB, etc.

Multimedia broadcasting

  • Input

· IP packet (IPv4)
· IP address, port designation

  • Data conversion processing

ULE (encapsulation)
ROHC (IP packet header compression)
· Supports INT transmission
· Output bandwidth control

  • Standards compliant

· IPDC Forum
· ARIB standard (ISDB-Tmm)

Application areas

  • Video output device of VoD service, digital signage
  • Monitoring device for video distribution service

Supported software

  • DtGrabber + multifunctional TS / SDI recording software
  • DtTV TS decoding software
  • StreamXpress TS / SDI playback software
  • StreamXpert real-time TS analysis software
  • DVB Analyzer Advance TS analysis software

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