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Hybridcast sending device



VHC - 2000 is a content development test evaluation device for next - generation broadcasting service, hybrid casting (Hybridcast).
With this device, it is possible to easily display the created content on a hybrid-compatible TV, and it is possible to evaluate the hybrid cast function anywhere with easy operability and portable small size.

Product features

This device has an HTTP server function inside, and service viewing is possible even without an internet line.
By bridging the internet connection, you can display social media embedded content such as YouTube and Twitter on Hybridcast compatible TV. It has a DHCP server and DNS server function, and it is possible to view and operate in the same way as the main line service by simply loading content data.
Furthermore, by installing the HTML5 editing tool on this device, you can do content creation and management until one case.

HTTP server function

  • Web server function
  • DNS server function
  • DHCP server function
  • Wi-Fi access server function

Encoder function

  • We have our VillageFlow engine (high performance multiprocessing)
  • It is possible to encode and distribute data broadcast contents for activating network contents
  • ISDB - T One - Seg Area Broadcast Support (Option)

Simple operation and settings

  • Export contents created on this device
  • Initial setting of this device is easy setting by GUI

Application areas

  • Video output device of VoD service, digital signage
  • Monitoring device for video distribution service

Product specifications * Custom specifications possible

Equivalent to Intel Core i7
1x GbE(IEEE 802.3ab)
USB 2.0x 8
AC adapter * keyboard, no monitor

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