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DTC-720 Xpect


TS monitoring software

DTC-720 Xpect

Product features

  • Multi viewer function (maximum 30 services)
  • EBU monitoring function (ITU - R 1770 - 2 / IBU R 128)
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple TSs
  • Tests in compliance with TR 101 290: - Priority 1/2/3 (including buffer analysis) - PCR AC, FO, DR, OJ - MGB bit rate measurement
  • Customized template matching (TS, service, service component, table)
  • TS can be recorded automatically when an error of monitoring item occurs (Pre-trigger, post trigger function)
  • Keep detailed statistics - Min / Max / Average bit rate - PCR statistics: AC, FO, DR, OJ - delay factor, packet loss (MDI)
  • Event log (normal, abnormal) of each monitoring stream
  • UDP notification when an event occurs
  • SOAP, remote control via SNMP, TS file Capture, statistics log display, automatic access to event database possible
  • Cooperation with third party NMS (network management system)
  • Wizard tool of template matching setting
  • It is possible to transfer any TS you want to monitor via IP

Application areas

  • Automatic testing and verification of equipment
  • QoS maintenance (early confirmation of problems)
  • SLA monitoring

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