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DVB-C2 signal generation software


Product features

  • DVB-C2 test signal generation application capable of all parameter sets in the DVB-C2 standard
  • TS file playback, O 151 PRBS signal generation
  • Big-TS splitter function capable of generating multi PLP from single PLP
  • 16K, 64K QAM compatible
  • It has sufficient functions such as AWGN generation (SNR adjustable), multipath fading, Rayleigh channel, Doppler simulation, etc. It is possible to accurately simulate reflection and mobile receiver
  • Test signal pattern developed by TM-C2\'s DVB validation & verification working group can be generated

Application areas

  • DVB-C2 receiver development
  • As a simulation tool for DVB-C2 modulator developers
  • Laboratory field test of DVB-C2

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