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HD-SDI/ASI input+output with relay bypass for PCIe


Products sold

    Model number Description
    DTA-2175-SLP PCIe with StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress player software
    DTA-2175-SXP PCIe with StreamXpert 2.1 stream analyzer and StreamXpress player
    DTA-2175-SY-SXP PCIe with SdEye and StreamXpert 2 stream analyzer and StreamXpress player
    DTA-2175-VR-SY-SXP PCIe with VF-REC stream recorder, SdEye and StreamXpert 2 stream analyzer and StreamXpress player


Input: 1 x HD-SDI / ASI
Output: 1 x HD-SDI / ASI
* Loop-through compatible

Product features

  • One dedicated HD-SDI/ASI input and one dedicated HD-SDI/ASI output
  • Watchdog-controlled input-to-output relay bypass for failsafe configurations
  • DekTec Matrix API© 2.0 provides convenient access to video, audio and ANC samples, and takes care of the plumbing for creating real-time SDI processing applications
  • Cable equalisation and inverted ASI
  • Low profile PCI
  • PCI Express gen2 x1, low profile
  • Free drivers and SDK (DTAPI) for Windows and Linux

Block Diagram

SDI and ASI input flows from port 1 through equalizer, deserializer, processing (encoding in a format suitable for transmission to PC) and DekTec\'s highly optimized DMA controller. The output flow to port 2 is very similar, but in the other direction.

If the PC power fails, or the watchdog times out, the relay falls back to its inactive position, connecting the input directly to the output.

High Availability with the DTA-2175

The relay bypass on the DTA-2175 enables a simple though effective way to create a highly-available HD-SDI (or ASI) generator as shown in the diagram below.

Both PCs run the same application. Normally, HD-SDI output originates from PC1. If PC1 fails (software crash or power failure), the relay will automatically fail over to PC2, bypassing PC1.

Application Areas

  • Stream generation, capturing and processing, with relay-based failover for creating highly-available systems
  • Embedded hardware to ASI/SD-SDI transceiver
  • Analyze and monitor SDI and Transport Streams with DekTec’s StreamXpert and SdEye software

Supported software

  • StreamXpress TS / SDI playback software
  • StreamXpert Lite Real time TS decoding, recording software
  • StreamXpert Real-time TS analysis, decoding, recording software
  • SdEye SDI Analyzer Software
  • VF-Rec multifunction TS / SDI recording software * A separately sold software license is required

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