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Dual 3G-SDI/ASI ports for PCIe



    Model Number Description
    DTA-2172-SLP PCIe with StreamXpert Lite and StreamXpress player software
    DTA-2172-SXP PCIe with StreamXpert 2 stream analyzer and StreamXpress player
    DTA-2172-SY-SXP PCIe with SdEye and StreamXpert 2 stream analyzer and StreamXpress player


Input: 2 x 3G - SDI / DVB - ASI (switching)
Output: 2 × 3G - SDI / DVB - ASI (switching)
1 x genlock;

Product features

  • Two systems of 3D-SDI input / output ports that can be switched between input and output
  • Analog GenLock input (bi- and tri-level synchronization signals)
  • SMPTE 259 M (SD), SMPTE 292 M (HD), SMPTE 424M (3G) standard compliant *3G: Level A and B are supported
  • Onboard downsampling (1/4, 1/16) correspondence
  • Access to all lines of baseband by DekTec\'s new API (Matrix API) (embedded audio, vertical auxiliary data area (VANC), horizontal auxiliary data area (HANC))

Block Diagram

The DTA-2172 features two transmit/receive channels, each consisting of a cable equalizer, ASI/SDI receiver, ASI/SDI transmitter, Matrix logic, high-performance DMA controller and PCIe interface.

Application Areas

  • Key and fill generators
  • SDI and/or ASI recording and play-out
  • Video encoding or transcoding

Supported software

  • StreamXpress TS / SDI playback software
  • StreamXpert v2 real-time TS analysis, decoding, recording software
  • StreamXpert Lite real time TS decoding, recording software
  • SdEye SDI Analyzer Software
  • VF-Rec multifunction TS / SDI recording software * A separately sold software license is required.

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