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DMG 4100/4200


High Capacity Digital Media Gateway

DMG 4100/4200

Key Features

  • Encode, decode and transcode
  • ST 2110, SDI, ASI, MPEG/IP, Zixi and SRT support
  • 2500 streams with 10GB connectivity

Product Summary

The Sencore DMG 4100/4200 platform is a dedicated solution for high-speed video networking, enhanced IP security, video distribution, and contribution.

Designed for near limitless capacity, extensive video awareness, enhanced security, operational simplicity, and exceptionally high reliability, the platform redefines video delivery.

With IP network technology and infrastructure evolving, the distribution of video is changing. Dedicated coax-based SDI infrastructure is being replaced by transmission over standard IP-based networks.

With 10G and 100G IP infrastructures available, broadcasters seek ways to use the added capacity, primarily for internal uncompressed or lightly compressed video contribution.

Designed explicitly for IP-centric operations, the DMG 4100/4200 chassis has a significant video processing capacity. In addition, 10G bi-directional IP interfaces provide firewall-grade IP security at every connection node.

Operating at a minimum internal throughput of 140G, the new backplane extends Sencore’s tradition of patented redundancy options. Service density can be defined as up to 2,000 services in and out per module.

The DMG platform supports conversion of uncompressed video between legacy SDI and to/from SDI over IP with options to perform “light” compression/decompression using Intra codecs such as TICO and JPEG-XS or full encoding/decoding using AVC or HEVFurthermore, which backplane latency of less than 1ms, universal applicability for virtually any video application is ensured, as is the implementation of both current and future IP video standards, including VSF-TR03, VSF-TR04, and SMPTE2110.

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