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Decimator D3 Spectrum Analyzer

4/8-port RF spectrum measurement and analysis unit

Decimator D3 Spectrum Analyzer


SED\'s 4/8-Port Decimator D3 is a third-generation spectrum measurement and analysis unit in a 1U chassis with an integrated 4 or 8-port RF switching capability. It is ideal for either local or remote monitoring of multiple feeds and carriers in satellite, cable or terrestrial wireless networks. The 4/8-Port Decimator D3 can function as an independent spectrum analyzer or can be easily integrated into a larger measurement network.

For applications requiring fewer input ports, the 4-Port Decimator D3 saves you money upfront and is easily upgraded in the future to an 8-Port Decimator D3 should you require additional input ports. Simply pay the difference for a software upgrade. Both units provide a built-in Cross-Pol Isolation measurement function and Carrier Monitoring capability. Operated like a traditional spectrum analyzer, the Decimator\'s browser-based user interface is intuitive, familiar, and useable right away with no training.

Using the Remote Management Protocol, the 8-Port or 4-Port Decimator can be integrated into your network, RF system, VSAT Hub, Satcom terminal, or RF monitoring/measurement system.


  • 4/8 x Type F - 75Ω ohms Input or 4/8 x SMA - 50Ω ohms Input
  • Full band carrier overview in single click
  • SNMP traps for NMS consolidation
  • Carrier Monitoring ( up to 100 carriers)
  • Data logging
  • Data Trending
  • Reporting


Input Frequency Range:
5 MHz to 3,000 MHz
Useable Dynamic Range:
-110 to +5 dBm (aggregate)
Noise Floor:
-150 dBm/Hz typical at min atten
-130 dBm/Hz typical at max atten
Phase Noise:
80 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset
(worst case at 3 GHz)
-95 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset
-125 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset
Maximum Safe Input:
+10 dBm
Input Isolation (port to port):
45 dB (min)
Input Return Loss:
-15 dB (min)

Application Digram Sample

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