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Decimator D4 Spectrum Analyzer


4/8-port RF spectrum measurement and analysis unit

Decimator D4 Spectrum Analyzer


The Multi-Port Decimator D4 is a fourth-generation spectrum measurement and signal analyzer unit with several built-in features like carrier monitoring, cross-pol measurements, and optional DVB signal demodulation and signal analysis. The HTML5-based user interface allows the D4 to be operated from all browsers and on all platforms including Android and IOS devices. With a powerful internal dual-core processor, D4 uses state of the art digital technology and Fast Fourier transformations to perform fast and accurate measurements.


  • 4/8 x Type F - 75Ω ohms Input or 4/8 x SMA - 50Ω ohms Input
  • Full satellite L-band plus cable & wireless bands from 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz
  • Built-in Cross-Pol Isolation
  • External 10 MHz reference or internal reference
  • Web browser or API control
  • SNMP status interface
  • USB port allows attached data storage


Input Frequency Range:
5 MHz to 6.5 GHz
Useable Dynamic Range:
-110 to +5 dBm (aggregate)
Noise Floor:
-150 dBm/Hz (typical at min atten)
-130 dBm/Hz (typical at max atten)
Phase Noise:
- 80 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset
- 95 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset
-125 dBc/Hz at 1 MHz offset
Maximum Safe Input:
+10 dBm
Input Isolation (port to port):
55 dB (min)
Input Return Loss:
-15 dB (min)


Detector software
Demodulation & Constellation display DVB-S/S2/S2X broadcast standards including MER, BER, C/No statistical measurements
Spectator software
Enhanced Carrier Monitoring for a single Decimator

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