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ARIB BML Datacasting Content Maker



AMuxImageBML allows anyone to easily create and broadcast data broadcasting content for broadcaster and community channel broadcasting in hotels, schools, condominiums, government offices, hospitals, etc. You can start by broadcasting images created with drawing software like an electronic picture-story show, and even create interactive content with more detailed information required for signage and guidance/notification systems. After checking the preview, you can \"broadcast to all TVs in the building.


  • No knowledge of the data broadcasting description language \"BML\" is required.
  • All you have to do is determine the position of the image and text materials on the GUI, and specify the display style and operation with numerical values ​​and macro characters.
  • Easily create content such as passive content, automatic page turning guidance display, page browsing by remote control operation, screen change accompanying cursor movement, etc.
  • The created data broadcasting content can be transmitted to the digital broadcasting modulator with the push of a button for broadcasting.
  • Useful functions such as easy registration of material data by drag & drop, editing with excellent listability in spreadsheet style, preview display, assistance by help, and componentization of contents.
  • Freely define marquees (scrolling text), video screens, and channel changes.

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