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GYRUS (AI/ML Technologies)

AI/ML For Broadcast / Video Streaming

Gyrus AI

Gyrus AI leverages AI, ML & Neural Network to solve video streaming challenges such as poor video quality, low resolutions, buffering issues, high CDN operating cost, etc, by providing the highest possible quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS).

A single neural network can be trained to do upscaling with higher PSNR, Noise reduction, Remove watermarks & repair damaged video. A machine learning engine can be used to optimize the encoding parameters dynamically in OTT streaming to increase QoE and optimize CDN operating costs.

Gyrus AI uses Automatic scene detection & video synthesis models for smart advertisements, complying with regulatory warnings, generating subtitles at high speeds, and providing video analytics to improve viewer engagement. Every one of our AI models allows for a great deal of customizability enabling our customers to tailor them to their requirements.

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