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Company name
VILLAGE island Co., Ltd.
Head offfice
3-19-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071, JAPAN
+81 3 6409 6206 / +81 3 6409 6207
2nd of August, 2005
Company President
Capital stock
40,000,000 JPY
• Barnfind (Norway) / Asia, Pacific and South-East Asia Reseller
• Caton Technology Limited (HongKong) / Japan, Pacific & Worldwide Distributor
• Conviva (USA) / Asia, Pacific and South-East Asia Reseller
• DekTec Digital Video B.V. (Holland) / Japan, Pacific & South-East Asia Distributor
• Digigram (France) / Japan OEM Distributor
• Harmonic Inc. (USA) / Japan Distributor
• Calian (CANADA) / Japan & South-East Asia Distributor
• Sencore/WellAV (USA/China) / Japan, Pacific & South-East Asia Distributor
• SpinDigital (Germany) / Integrator
• THEO Technologies NV (Belgium) / Japan Integrator
• intoPIX (Belgium) / Integrator
• International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (IABM)
• TICO Alliance (TICO Alliance)
Business Scope
Import, Development and Sales of Broadcast Equipment and IT solutions
1. Import and Sales of Digital Broadcasting Equipments
2. Digital Broadcast and Telecom software sales and development
3. System Integrations
4. Digital Broadcast Technology education, seminars, workshops
Terms of Sales
Warranty & Support
Cyber Secutiry Policy


Our company name “VILLAGE Island” is inspired by the village that is the broadcast industry. Our customers, suppliers, partners, and even competitors are all part of this village. Majority of people employed or involved by the broadcast village has been so for many years and will be most likely for many years to come. In this village, seen at a national or international level, we encounter the same people, sometimes not working for the same company or not working on the same project, but still a member of the adventure, in the same village. This village is the place where to share know-how and expertise as we share with our customers and partners. Personally, I have been involved in the broadcasting market since my first working days, I was actually brought up in this “Village”, and I feel I owe to it.

The “island” in VILLAGE Island refers to the islands that are Japan, Singapore, the starting grounds of our company, but also it refers to the many islands in South-East Asia and Pacific that we cover through our region of activity. Like some people like to call the Japanese technology island the “Galapagos” with its unique creatures, each island has its local and cultural way to do things, and one needs to know such insides and adapt to succeed.

Through VILLAGE Island, the know-how from each island is a value for the other islands. Also, when an island is small or doesn’t carry the critical mass to deploy a large scale, an advanced or complete system, we know how to bring to reality a broadcast solution with a minimum of investments and resources for our customers. This is possible thanks to the flexible and cost-performing use of modular products, our expertise, and our advanced software solutions.

After the transition from analog to digital and the nowadays increased capacity of CPUs and FPGAs, the broadcast becomes more and more based on the software-like solution. We focus on bringing or developing such software and technology to respond to the various needs of our market.

Our motto is to provide state-of-art digital broadcasting technology to customers and make a contribution to society through our experiences in these “villages” and those “islands”.

VILLAGE island actively conducts business overseas and is a bridge between Japan, South-East Asia, the Americas, and Europe. While bringing key technologies from Western countries to our region, we also expand Japanese and other regional technologies to the worldwide market. Our compact and flexible systems and software are adopted globally. We act actively to provide better and on-time solutions to our small and big customers.



Representative Director & President



Delivery Division



Technology Division



Content Division

Atsushi Kawakami


Start operation in Japan as \"Village Island TV Technologies\", reseller of DekTec Digital Video B.V (Holland)
Establishment of Village Island as a Yugen Kaisha (YK)
DekTec Distributor for Japan, Pacific & South-East Asia
Sales of DTA-110-T-ISDB-SP (DekTecs ISDB-T modulator for Japan) is on sale
TS Analysis Software
DTC-320 StreamXpert (DekTec TS analysis software) compliant with ARIB standard Pte,.
Company Name Change
Changed to Village Island Co., Ltd.
Our highly modular software platform for TS processing is developped
Data Broadcasting, EPG
Data broadcast generator and EPG dedicated module started
One Seg Encoder
professional development
DekTec RF Satellite modulation adapter support for ISDB-S(BS)
World lightest modulator,USB-type portable device for ISDB-T
1U type 1 Seg encoder development for professional development
Japan first HEVC / XAVC compatible 4K 60P 10 bit compatible, 3G-SDI output playout First 4K HEVC 4:2:0/4:2:2 Real-time decoder for professional applicationdevice developed on a software basis
Development of disaster prevention information sending WiFi system compatible with multicast
Development of playout device for hybrid screen-compatible hybridcast content
Visually loss-less, near-to-zero delay 4K over single 3G-SDI converter unit, based on TICO codec
High-density IP, ASI, SDI, RF Multiviewer
High-Performance, Cost-effective TS Compliance Recording & Play-out server system
8K Contribution over single 12G-SDI
Official Distributor for SED System / Decimator RF Monitoring
Release of 4K SDI to ST-2110 IP converter, empowered by JPEG-XS
Village Island receives the CALIAN Pinacle Award for its top reselling performances


Head office

Village Island Co., Ltd.

5th floor of Kowa Shirogane-dai Building 3-19-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0071
Contact Details:
TEL / FAX : +81 3 6409 6206 / +81 3 6409 6207
Sales contact: sales@village-island.com
Technical support: support@village-island.com

  • JR Yamanote Line · Subway Namboku Line · Mita Line · Tokyu MEGURO Station 5 Minutes Walk
  • 7-minute walk from Shirokanedai station on the subway Nanboku / Mita line

Career Opportunities

VILLAGE ISLAND, a challenging, young and dynamic company, based in Japan and well known in Asia for distribution of broadcast technologies as well as developing of its own products, is looking for a video APPLICATION SOFTWARE DEVELOPER engineer.
Main Requirement
Experience in developing software for real-time process in C ++ in Windows, Linux environment.
- With software developing/programing experience, as well as some experience and interest into the video and broadcast technologies. Ideally an engineer. 
- Working experience in Japan, ideally 5 years.
- Living in Japan, and used to Japanese working environment, comfortable to communicate in language.
Salary compensation
Annual income may varry depending on skills and experience: 4 million yen-8 million yen
Commuting allowance
Transportation expenses paid based on company regulations, max 30,000 yen / month upper limit
Working hours
09:30-18:30 (Working from home allowed partially)
125 days per year (breakdown) Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, summer vacations
Paid leave: 10 days after joining the company for 6 months, increasing with experience.
Contact us
Please contact saiyo@village-island.com with your resume attached.
More about Village Island
VILLAGE ISLAND is a challenging, young and dynamic company well known in Asia for:
- Distribution of broadcast equipment and software solution: DEKTEC, SENCORE/WELLAV, BARNFIND, DIGIGRAM, HARMONIC, CATON TECHNOLOGY and more...
- Test, Measurement & Monitoring: DEKTEC, SENCORE, SED (division of CALIAN) with addition of own solutions.
- FPGA video technologies (ADEAS, NEXTERA, ...)
- Development of its own range of products: VICO converters integrating intoPIX TICO and JPEG-XS codec, Multiviewer and Monitoring software, VillageFlow video workflow platform;
- Software development for strategic partners and for custom projects;
- System integrations;
- Broadcast consulting and technical services;
- Seminars

VILLAGE ISLAND disposes of a wide customer base in Asia, and more than a thousand of system deployed.
Typical VILLAGE ISLAND customers are broadcast operators and TV/Radio stations, system integrators, broadcast equipment and STB/TV manufactures. Based on our solutions, our customers can easily build video generation devices, analysis devices, record & play devices, modulators, gateways, multiplexing and encoding system to meet all their broadcasting needs.

VILLAGE ISLAND is an international workplace in Tokyo with a representative director of Belgian nationality and several employees from overseas.
As digital broadcasting technology is globalizing, we have our own unique technology addressing the world.
With our dedicated team and network of qualified professionals we can offer a full range of hardware and software solutions for TV Station and broadcast applications. Our solutions are highly integrated, flexible and known as most cost-performing products on the market.

At Village Island, software development and hardware integration are key added values for our customers and partners.
Contact us to know more.