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OTT encoder server

Electra VS

Product Summary

Electra VS is ideally suited as the next-generation encoding platform in IP networks and has a broadcasting encoding function and high-speed transcoding function that require high quality. It is a system configuration specialized for video distribution for IP compatible with multi-screen · multi-codec · multi-format, and it is used not only for WEB TV and OTT service, but also for existing IPTV service and material transmission by IP / cable etc. It will be.
With this innovative solution, content holders can realize a wide variety of video distribution services and can easily expand further.

Product features

  • Industry\'s best video quality
  • Supports multiple video / audio codecs
  • Supports MPEG2 TS
  • 3GPP and adaptive bit rate
  • Adobe Flash
  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • Maximum video resolution: 1920 × 1080
  • Progressive / Interres compatible
  • Simultaneous output of multiple formats
  • Extended input channel flexibility
  • Extended output channel flexibility
  • Preliminary video / audio preprocessing
  • Content protection
  • Ideal for live distribution and file distribution
  • Operation by HTTP / HTTPS server
  • Workflow Builder
  • External linkage by SOAP / Web server
  • Load Balancing, Failover
  • IPV4 / V6 compatible

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