A message from the president…

Our company name “VILLAGE island” is inspired by the village that is the broadcast industry. Our customers, suppliers, partners and even competitors are all part of this village. Majority of people employed or involved by the broadcast village has been so for many years and will be most likely for many years to come. In this village, seen at national or international level, we encounter the same people, sometimes not working for the same company or not working on the same project, but still member of the adventure. There are mentalities and know-how about how to solve problems that are shared within the village. Personally, I have been involved in the broadcasting market since my first working experience and I feel that I was actually brought up in this “village”.

The island in “VILLAGE island” refers to the islands that are Japan and Singapore, the starting grounds of our company, but also it refers to the many islands in South-East Asia and the Pacific that we cover through our region of activity. Like some people like to call the Japanese technology island the “Galapagos” with its unique creatures, each island has its local cultural way of doing things, and one needs to know the insides to achieve anything.
The know-how of each island is a value for the other islands. Also, when the island is small or doesn’t carry the critical mass to deploy a large scale or complete system, one needs to learn how to bring to reality a broadcast solution with a minimum of investments and resources; this becomes possible thanks to the flexible and cost-performing use of modular products as well as advanced software solutions. Specially after the transition from analog to digital and the nowadays increased capacity of CPUs, the broadcasting based on software processing is a reality and we focus on bringing or developing softwares to respond the various needs of our market.

Our motto is to provide state-of-art digital broadcasting technology to customers and make a contribution to society through our experiences in these “villages” and those “islands”.

VILLAGE island actively conducts business overseas and is a bridge between Japan, South-East Asia, the Americas and Europe. While bringing key technologies from Western countries to our region, we also expand Japanese and other regional technologies to the worldwide market. As an example, through our activity, Japanese digital broadcasting system (ISDB-T) is employed in many countries all over the world. Our compact and flexible systems and software are adopted globally. We act actively to provide better and on-time solutions to our world wide customers.