Automated Video Quality Check

Quales is a fully featured, comprehensive Video Quality Check system with the best cost-effective value proposition intended for small, medium, or large environments. Suitable for online or broadcast content; provides a straight-forward web-based and visual health check system for media, ensuring content readiness in all phases of your workflow.

  • Efficient, fast, intuitive, visual and robust web-based system
  • Leading edge multi-format and multi-parameter analysis
  • Multi-level reporting environment
  • Simultaneous multi-user support
  • Scalable to adapt to growing workflow environments
  • Efficient usage of hardware and computing power

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Main Advantages
  • Comprehensive environment reduces complexity of QC analysis configuration
  • Efficient iterative analysis: analyze once, change your threshold multiple times
  • Parallel analysis of multiple and simultaneous sources
  • Avoids inaccurate and time consuming human quality check processes
  • Speed of QC tasks are faster than real time
  • Supports unique parameters, i.e.: field order detection, digital Betacam artifacts
  • Allows analysis of YouTube videos directly from URL
  • Straight-forward API for seamless integration in third party applications
  • Clustering and modular architecture, easy load balancing
  • Cloud-ready web based software