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HEVC (H.265) 4K and HD decoding for FPGA


HEVC Decoder IP Cores

The HEVC 4K and HD Decoder Core by VYUsync is a highly optimized video decompression engine targeted primarily at FPGAs. The decoder achieves real-time performance for HD/4K ultra high definition (UHD) video with ultra-low latency & optimized resource utilization. It iswell suited for various applications ranging from broadcastand professional video to high end consumer electronics.

The decoder design is fully autonomous and does notrequire any external processor to aid the decode operation.The IO interface comprises of an input FIFO and an outputframe buffer. Decoded data can also be provided on a serialbus with embedded sync information. The decoder requiresDDR SDRAM to store reference pictures.

The decoder solution is available either as a FPGA netlist orin source code format and can be customized to meet therequirements of end users.

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