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VideoBRIDGE Nomad Pro


Ultra-Portable IP/RF Monitoring Probe

VideoBRIDGE Nomad Pro

Product Summary

Nomad Pro is the Swiss Army knife of digital media monitoring. It enables instant understanding and deep analytics of OTT multiscreen streams, IP multicasts, SDIoIP, ASI, satellite, terrestrial and cable sources. Nomad Pro covers all the monitoring needs to be encountered in hybrid IP multicast, OTT and RF networks. It is the ultimate, all-in-one and rugged monitoring and analysis solution for the technician on the move.

The Nomad Pro features an abundance of inputs including optical/electrical Gigabit Ethernet, ASI in/out, cable RF, terrestrial RF, DVB-S/S2 satellite and external 1PPS GPS time-reference. There are two versions of Nomad Pro - one for ATSC including an ATSC/QAM-A/B/C RF input and one for DVB including a DVB-T/T2/DVB-C RF input.

Main Features

  • Intuitive web GUI for remote access via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet
  • Accurate packet behavior, IAT histogram, protocol analysis, traffic overview, autodetection of IP uni/multicast
  • HLS, HDS, DASH, SmoothStream™, RTMP, post-CDN URL token support and manifest validation. An innovative framework for measuring the delay of OTT services through a distribution chain
  • Return Data Path forwarding of any transport stream monitored with an automated alarm triggered recording to 32GB of onboard Flash memory
  • PCAP Ethernet packet capture onto on-board storage
  • Support for MPEG2-TS. H.264/AVC HD, H265/HEVC 4K, J2K, AAC, PCM Audio, SCTE-35 signaling, T2-MI encapsulation and more
  • Compliant with SMPTE2022.6, 2022.7, IEEE4175 and AES67 IP-streams for SDI analytics. AIMS and ASPEN
  • Total packet understanding with the patented MediaWindow™ visualization technology for RTP/UDP uni- and multicasts
  • The award-winning ETR290 Engine with detailed analytics of Priority 1, 2 and 3 tests plus extensions to test CA behavior, alarm history view, and timeline view
  • Autonomous operation. Nomad Pro is a completely freestanding unit with its own CPU and can perform without the need for any external host system

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