VideoBRIDGE 20G/50G IP Monitoring Software Probe


Key Features

  • Continuous monitoring of 20G bandwidth or 2000 IP streams (upgradable to 50G)
  • Monitor up to 1000 OTT/ABR streams
  • Quality of Experience Monitoring and Archiving for 1000 Services


Building on the incredible IP monitoring capabilities of Sencore’s VideoBRIDGE embedded probes, the VB330-V is a software probe that has all the capabilities and options for monitoring thousands of IP streams as the embedded hardware version and adds additional QoE monitoring and archiving options on top of that. The VB330-V is available as a software image that users can install on their own qualified server or it is available pre-installed from Sencore on a high-performance server appliance.

The VB330-V is aimed at monitoring the full cross-section of services commonly found in media-related network operations. It is a very flexible tool for monitoring network performance involving signal formats and areas as diverse as video IP multicast, video OTT/ABR streaming, voice trunks, video-on-demand unicast, Ethernet packet microbursts, PCAP recording, and general traffic protocol inspection.

With the add-on content monitoring and ETR290 options, the VB330-V becomes an all-around QoS/QoE powerhouse supporting simultaneous monitoring of 1000+ streams/services for video/audio quality, MOS scoring, audio loudness, closed captions, and continuous ETR 101-290 MPEG monitoring. In addition, with the content monitoring option, the video thumbnails, audio loudness results, and captions can be archived in a unique timeline view for later lookup and retrieval.

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