ASI Monitoring Blade


Product Summary

The VB242 ASI input option card allows operators real-time high-density ASI monitoring or switched ASI round-robin monitoring for remote or head-end applications. With up to 13 ASI inputs in a 1 RU chassis in combination with the VB220 or VB120 controllers, the VB242 is perfect for existing infrastructures in the head-end and the regional edge-multiplexer/ modulator/ transmitter site. The VB242 complements the already extensive range of input interfaces for the VideoBRIDGE series probes.

The VB242 interface module can operate in two different modes: either two of the inputs are monitored full time with continuous ETSI TR 101 290 analysis, or its six inputs are sequentially monitored in a round-robin fashion

Main Features

  • 6 ASI inputs
  • DVB-ASI and M2S supported, 188 and 204-byte packet length
  • 50Ω female BNC connectors
  • Sync status LEDs for all inputs
  • Full ETSI TR101 290 monitoring (Priority 1/2/3)


  • Providing broadcasters with complete monitoring of ASI signals being sent to transmitters or satellites
  • Allowing multi-channel service providers to monitor the ASI outputs from banks of satellite receivers
  • Tracing ingested signals to all parts of a network to quickly isolate problems and see the effects of network components


ASI Inputs

  • BNC Connector: female


  • Standard 19” 1RU rack-mount
  • Compatible with ACC/DCC IRU chassis

Control & Management

  • Fully controlled through backplane
  • Accessible through master VB120 or VB220 user interface

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