High-end digital terrestrial digital broadcasting device (modulator)


Functional overview

  • High-end digital self-owned broadcasting for joint listening

Utilizing the existing listening network, it is possible to independently broadcast the same quality and service type as the terrestrial digital television broadcast being broadcast. It is most suitable for paid broadcasting for hotels and digital circulation board for apartment residents.
Also, in the event of a disaster, by urgently broadcasting evacuation information utilizing 1 Seg self-broadcast etc., it is possible to deliver essential information of the area accurately and quickly to a wide listening network.

  • Cost-effective local broadcasting equipment in a business facility

As a digital signage sending machine utilizing the terrestrial digital broadcasting system, to organize and broadcast rich contents corresponding to the purpose, such as area / facility information, business topic, shopping / restaurant information, profit information, etc. of the area, to broadcast I can.
By installing only one VillageBOX for one broadcasting area, you can broadcast to the terrestrial digital receiver on the same network.

Broadcast function

  • Upload / accumulate contents to be broadcast to the hard disk, deliver it via the Internet
  • High definition, SD broadcasting function

- HDTV (HD) ... 1 channel with 1 enclosure
- Standard image quality (SD) ... 1 Channels with 3 channels

  • Playlist · EPG function

- Program formation according to the time table
- Generate random play list
- Repeat playback of single / multiple playlists
- Play default play list when not set

  • Data broadcasting multiplexing function

- Simple data broadcast template

  • Remote terminal management function

- WEB interface
- Schedule settings
- Broadcast file upload
- Broadcast log monitoring

  • Terminal monitoring function (VBNM)

- State monitoring / control of each base terminal (dedicated external WEB server)

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