TSS 6220


Transport Stream Server

TSS 6220

Product Summary

The TSS 6220 Transport Stream Server is the latest in Sencore’s long line of media server products. It provides robust streaming, recording, time-delay and disaster-recovery capabilities for customers looking for a simple and cost-effective channel-in-a-box, channel-processing or storage product.

Main Features

  • Effortlessly manage playlists, streaming, recording, time-delay, and disaster-recovery features through the web UI
  • Upload and download media files from onboard storage with FTP and SMB
  • Stream hundreds of files or multiple scheduled playlists of content
  • Powerful recording option for capturing streams to replay or analyze
  • Accurate time-delay for dozens of streams simultaneously
  • Unique disaster-recovery option for cost-effective backup of primary broadcast systems
  • Support for MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC/H.265 video, and all audio formats
  • Robust MPEG over IP input and output capabilities including multiple 1Gpbs and 10Gbps ports
  • Easily configure output parameters such as source IP address, destination IP address, MAC address, UDP/RTP and many others
  • ASI input and output ports (future option)
  • Full and open web API and SNMP capabilities
  • Multiple chassis and storage options to fit any application


  • Broadcast Headend – Create multiple automated channels of content using onboard media files and user-supplied schedules. Capture streams for later playout.
  • Time-Zone Shifting – Effortlessly delay streams by minutes/hours/days for a broadcast of content throughout the world.
  • Disaster Recovery Backup - Capture already-broadcast content for days or weeks to use when primary redundancy goes down. Automated disaster detection and playout capabilities.

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