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Spectator Decimator D4


Advanced Spectrum Monitoring with Spectator

Spectator Decimator D4


The Spectator software add-on license offers advanced spectrum monitoring capabilities for Decimator D4.

  • Up to 100 carriers in a single window
  • Colors indicate when carriers are in alarm.
  • Updates in real-time as carriers are measured.
  • Zoom into a carrier to play back traces and view the trend plot

Key Features

The Display is Easily Configurable

  • Easy to set up based on the carriers already defined in the monitoring plan.
  • Configure the display in multiple ways: show all carriers, show only alarmed carriers, or show a custom list of carriers.
  • Configure to show alarmed carriers only.
  • The most recently alarmed carrier is automatically moved to the top-left corner of the screen.
  • As carrier issues are resolved, the non-alarmed carriers are no longer shown on the display when the carrier reverts to a nominal state .
  • At-a-glance view of the alarmed carriers includes the duration of the alarm so you know if there is a persistent or transient issue.
  • Focus on priority carriers by creating a custom list of carriers to display by selecting the carriers of interest from the monitoring plan

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