Modular Receiver / Decoder


Product Summary

The new MRD 4400 receiver / decoder is the latest in the integrated receiver / decoder series for distribution and monitoring for professionals Sencore has been sending for many years. Equipped with the latest generation of components, it covers as much as possible the functions necessary for various receivers / decoder applications commonly used, and maximizes the value. SD or HD video decoding, MPEG-2 or H.264 encoding, up to 4 audio services.

Application areas

Turnaround and backhaul delivery feed

Upon receiving network and live feeds via RF, ASI, or IP, it demodulates, decapsulates, encapsulates, and decodes for local processing and re-encoding requirements.

Upgrade existing equipment

We solve the new issue of video distribution such as the necessity to increase audio service and shift to H.264 on behalf of the existing receiver / decoder.
Experience the industry\'s best ease of use and interoperability with low holding costs

Monitor all video feeds

Because you can setup quickly and automatically decode every operation you can take advantage of it to monitor video feeds during operation and engineering labs.

Main features

  • Compatible with all popular video formats

Automatic detection of MPEG-2 / H.264, HD / SD video codec, switchable even during execution

  • Supports major audio formats and executes up to 4 audio decodes or SDI passthrough
  • Dual SDI automatic switching output
  • Built-in ASI I / O to maximize value and flexibility
  • 8VSB, IP, RF, satellite input available
  • Complete coverage of auxiliary data output by ANC and VBI method
  • Closed Caption for Monitoring and Testing or Automatic Scaling Subtitle Overlay
  • Intuitive and simple web interface
  • Complete control through SNMP, status and alarm monitoring

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