Product Summary

Kalray\'s MPPA ® MANYCORE is a family of programmable and many core processors, suitable for numerical calculations and embedded applications, and achieves excellent low power consumption.
Kalray\'s proprietary multi-objective processor architecture, which is a core technology cultivated through years of research results, enables application scaling.

Product features

  • Provide up to 8 TOPS or 5 TFLOPS 64 to 1024 cores
  • Highest processing power / power consumption ratio
  • C / C ++ / Fortran based parallel programming solution
  • VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word) Core
  • IEEE-754 Single Precision and Double Precision Floating Point Unit (FPU)
  • High-speed network communication on chip (NoC)
  • NoC enables data transfer time prediction
  • High-speed interface, Ethernet, DDR 3, PCIe Gen 3, NoCX
  • Low latency processing

Key Benefits

  • Compared to other computer solutions 5 to 10 times capacity / power ratio
  • Compared with GPU, power consumption in main application is 1/10
  • Shorter development time compared to FPGA or ASIC design by less than half
  • Rapid Product Upgrade with Software Development MPPA® MANYCORE has been realized through the aggregation of the following technologies.
  • Advanced silicon technology
  • High speed arithmetic processing capability
  • Each processor in the chip operates with an optimal clock, and the inter-core connection in the high-speed network (NoC)
  • High-speed interface with the outside
  • Comprehensive software development tool

Application areas

The MPPA® MANYCORE processor family is power efficient by combining low power consumption and high performance functions and is ideal for embedded applications such as:

  • Image and audio process: HD / UHD encoding, broadcasting, video surveillance, augmented reality
  • Signal processing: radar, communication, medical
  • Big data: oil and gas, finance, video live streaming, numerical simulation, bioscience
  • Control, control: aviation technology, industrial automation
  • Telecom: router, cryptology, software radio, base station

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