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DVB-S2 demodulation module


Products sold

  • DTM-3237 [DVB-S2 demodulation module]
  • DTM-3237-DEVKIT [DVB-S2 demodulation module development kit])


Input 1x DVB-S/S2
Output 1x ASI

Product features

  • Demodulate the DVB-S2 / S to DVB-ASI with a compact OEM module and output it
  • It can demodulate all modulation methods such as QPSK, 8PSK, 16 / 32APSK etc
  • It also supports advanced specifications such as VCM, ACM, Multiple Input Streams (MIS) and Generic Stream (GS)
  • Forward the TS in baseband frame (BBFRAMEs) format
  • Full LNB support (DiSEqC interface, 13 V / 14 V / 18 V / 19 V 500 mA supply)
  • Signal reception status indication (lock state, RF level, modulation method, code rate, MER)
  • Control via USB, I 2 C, LVTTL serial port


  • Low cost satellites as receiving modules
  • Distribution of satellite broadcasting
  • Quality monitoring of satellite waves
  • Convert to TS over IP in cooperation with DTM - 3200

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