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DVB-ASI, TSoverIP conversion module


Products sold

  • DTM-3200 [DVB-ASI, TSoverIP conversion module]
  • DTM - 3200 - RA [DVB - ASI, TSoverIP conversion module (right angle connector)]


Input 1 x ASI, 1 x Parallel (M-LVDS)
Output 1 x ASI, 1 x Parallel (M-LVDS)

Product features

  • OEM module capable of mutual conversion between MPEG2-TS (transport stream) and IP streaming
  • Easily cooperate with user\'s customized hardware with 8-bit parallel TS I / O (26-way boxed header)
  • Jitter tolerance control with high quality IP jitter / filter algorithm
  • IP encapsulation, SMPTE-compliant 2D-FEC encoding / decoding / unicast, multicast support
  • Compatible with industry standard interface (RS-232, 422, 485)


  • TS over IP input / output can be easily added as an option to TS related products
  • Tunneling of DVB-ASI signal via LAN / WAN

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