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Standalone DVB-S2 → IP conversion network adapter


Products sold

  • DTE-3137 (standalone DVB-S2 → IP conversion network adapter)
  • DTE-3137-SX (TS analysis software pack)


Input: DVB-S2 x1
Output: TS over IP

Product features

  • Standalone QPSK, 8-PSK, 16-APSK, 32-APSK compatible DVB-S2 receiver
  • EN 302 - 307 and EN 301 - 210 compliant
  • Also supports DVB-S system
  • Parameter settings and status can be monitored from the WEB setting screen or via SNMP
  • Power supply from Ethernet cable (Power over Ethernet)
  • DC power supply compatible
  • LNB power supply
  • SMPTE 2022 - 1/2, 2D FEC fully compliant to realize stable transmission over IP line
  • Display device identification information, operation mode, transmission frequency, level, SNR, BER, IP / MAC address on LCD display
  • Up to 12 modules can be installed using DekTec rack mounting rails


  • SMATV: For retransmission of satellite broadcasts
  • As a receiver for acquiring TS from DVB-S2 signal

Supported software

  • StreamXpert real-time TS analysis software

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