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ASI to IP converter


Products sold

  • DTE-3120 ASI to IP converter


Input: 1 x DVB-ASI
Output: 1 x Gigabit Ethernet, 1 x DVB-ASI loopback

Product features

  • DekTec\'s DTE-3120 can be used as a standalone ASI → IP gateway or as an I / O device that can be remotely controlled from a PC

- Compliant with SMPTE-2022
- Time stamp sending function
- Power supply via Ethernet (PoE)
- Failover function (automatic transfer to ASI output)
- IP Encapsulation, 2D FED Encoding (SMPTE 2022 - 1/2)

  • Status display on liquid crystal display (bit rate, IP / MAC address etc)
  • - Network management by SNMP
  • -19 \"Can be installed in server rack (Max: 14 horizontal units)


  • Standalone ASI to IP gateway
  • Network transmission of broadcast materials
  • Content Distribution

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