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Standalone IP => Quad QAM Modulator


Products sold

  • DTE-3114 Standalone IP => Quad QAM Modulator


Input: 1 x gigabit Ethernet
Output: 4x QAM-A/B/C

Product features

  • Standalone 4-channel QAM modulator with TS over IP input and VHF / UHF output
  • 2D FEC decoder that performs IP packet error correction
  • Parameter setting and status check by Web and SNMP interface
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Advanced IP jitter removal with programmable allowable buffer size · SMPTE 2022 - 1/2 compliant
  • LED display: QAM mode, carrier frequency, output level, IP / MAC address
  • Up to 14 units can be installed in 3U 19 inch server rack using dedicated rack mounting rails


  • CATV modulator for TSoIP transmission
  • QAM test signal generation hardware

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