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DVB-T2 Signal Generation Software


Product features

Application that supports file creation of DVB-T2 signal, which is the next generation digital broadcasting system in Europe, and real-time RF signal output.
Not only signal output of single PLP but also application corresponding to output of multiple PLP, using TS file and O151 PRBS signal as input source Generate standard signal of DVB-T2 by combining company\'s DTA-115 etc. .
It can also be used in combination with the fading option.
As correspondence of multiple PLP, the function of division of input TS signal is also prepared. SI processing and generation of common PLP are possible.
As an offline generation function, I / Q files and TS files with T2 - MI added can be generated, especially T2 - MI signals can be sent via ASI and IP. A modulation parameter set prescribed by V & V and DTG is also prepared by preset.

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