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StreamXpert 2 TS analysis software


Product features

  • TS real time analysis, TS record
  • Real time monitoring of bit rate (rate check per table)
  • Tree display of PID, service information, table structure
  • Error monitoring according to TR101 290, log file output
  • PCR analysis (Accuracy, Interval)
  • Video / audio decoding (MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 / H.264, AAC / MpegLayer 2 / AC 3)
  • Can define custom table descriptor
  • Supports ARIB (8 unit codes)
  • Input / output BNC terminal can be used independently
  • 16 MB Hardware buffer
  • Also supports input / output of SD-SDI signal
  • Transmission mode / error status display by LED
  • ASI loop-through output support
  • Free offer of SDK (DTAPI) and sample source code


TS file
PC network interface card (NIC)
Dektec Interface Card various

Difference between Stream Xpert Lite and Full Version

StreamXpert can be selected from two versions:

DTC - 320 Full (- SX) - All StreamXpert 2.1 features are available;
DTC-321 Lite (-SL) - As a low-cost license, it is possible to use only TS recording and video / audio decoding.
With the Full license, as an analysis application that supports all the functions required by the broadcast technician, the Lite license is used as a simple viewer of the TS or as a recording application

Full license includes 1 year free update after purchase. This is available for Full license StreamXpert released one year after purchase. After one year, updating to the newly released StreamXpert will automatically switch to Lite license. * You can continue using StreamXpert released in one year after purchase.

Difference between Full (up) and Lite (down) UI


  • TS related equipment development, TS output evaluation, system verification
  • For quality monitoring of TS, such as intra-office / head-end equipment
  • Combined with USB hardware (DTU - 245, DTU - 236), it is a handy analysis solution for broadcast engineers
  • Fault handling and quality check of MPEG2-TS related equipment of head end equipment
  • TS / SDI recording, playback · TS analysis hardware easy to carry to the site
  • As a signal source for inspection equipment and exhibitions for R & D
  • As a handy verification tool of broadcast engineers

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