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H.264 / Mpeg 2 hardware encoded PCI Express card


Products sold

    Model number Description
    DTA-2180 DTA - 2180 No voice encoding
    DTA-2180-AG0 DTA-2180 AAC, Mpeg 2 Layer 2 voice encoding option pack
    DTA-2180-AG2 DTA - 2180 AC - 3 (Stereo), AAC, Mpeg 2 Layer 2 voice encoding option pack
    DTA-2180-AG5 DTA-2180 AC-3 (5.1 ch), AAC, Mpeg 2 Layer 2 voice encoding option pack

*Please refer to the encoder option for details.。


Input: HD - SDI - 75 - Ω BNC, HDMI 1.4a
Output: DVB-ASI - 75 - Ω BNC
PCIE xpress: 6 pin PCIe auxiliary power supply

Video encoding

H.264 / AVC (High, Main, Constrained Level: 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 4.1),
MPEG-2 (High, Main, Simple Level: High, High 1440, Main)
Bit rate: 256 to 80 Mbps
SampleFormat: 8bit 4: 2: 0
Delay amount: 150 to 650 ms * 150 ms when I, P frame encoding mode
GOP length: 2 (I, P) to 300

Audio encoding (optional)

Dolby Digital (AC-3)
MPEG-1 Layer II
Supported channels: Stereo x 8 (max), 5.1

Development API


Product features

  • Low delay HD / SD video / audio real time hardware encoder
  • Encoding is processed by the board, so there is no load on the CPU.
  • It performs H.264 or Mpeg 2 video encoding from HD-SDI or HDMI input signal.
  • Audio can simultaneously encode up to 8 channels with Mpeg 1, AAC, Dolby Digital (optional).
  • Encoded signals can be output from ASI as ES, PES or TS, or can be recorded on the PC.
  • By using DtEnc encoding setting tool attached free of charge, anyone can operate easily.
  • Built-in to user application can be done easily by dedicated API.

Audio encoding options

  • The standard configuration of DTA - 2180 is only Mpeg 2 / H 264 video encoding, and audio encoding is not included.
  • Please refer to the encoder options for details。

Application areas

  • From HD-SDI to TS Multi Viewer
  • Looking for a low-cost encoder
  • Compresses the HD - SDI signal, and as a continuous recording device with less capacity

Supported software

  • DtEnc: DTA-2180 dedicated encoding setting application
  • Dektec SDK: SDK for C / C ++ development

Block diagram

The input to the encoder is HD-SDI or HDMI.
For the input signal, video, audio (up to 8x stereo pair) is separated,
Sounds in stereo pairs are passed to the encoder according to their encoding settings.
With DTA - 2180, it is also possible to output Dolby Metadata in RDD 6 included in the SDI input signal.

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