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Twelve-Channel Cable/ Terrestrial Receiver for PCIe


Products sold

    Model number Description Supplied software
    DTA-2139C-SL DTA-2139C TS decoding, recording software pack · StreamXpert Lite: TS decode · recording software
    DTA-2139C-SX DTA-2139C TS analysis, decoding, recording software pack · StreamXpert v 2: Real time TS analysis · decoding · recording software


Input: 12x ISDB-T , ATSC VSB, ATSC 3.0(4 PLPs/receiver), DVB-C, DVB-T/T2, QAM-A/B/C/

Product features

  • Twelve independent receivers on a single PCIe card for capturing any mix of terrestrial and/or cable signals.
  • Applications have access to the complete Transport Stream for each channel.
  • Each channel provides indications of lock status, RF level, MER and BER.
  • Free Windows and Linux SDK (DTAPI).
  • PCI Express x4, full height, short length.

Block Diagram

The RF input signal is amplified and split, feeding twelve receiver sections. Each receiver channel consists of a chip tuner, chip demodulator and an optimized DMA controller.


  • Monitoring an entire cable or terrestrial network with DekTec’s Xpect software.
  • Receiving free-to-air terrestrial services and remultiplexing them to a cable network.

Supported software

  • StreamXpert Real-time TS analysis, decoding, recording software
  • StreamXpert Lite Real time TS decoding, recording software
  • VF-Rec multifunction TS / SDI recording software * A separately sold software license is required.

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