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DVB-T2 / C2 / ISDB-T receiver PCI Express card


Products sold

    Model number Description Supplied software
    DTA-2138B-SL DTA-2138B TS decode · recording software pack · StreamXpert Lite: TS decode · recording software
    DTA-2138B-SX DTA - 2138B TS analysis · decoding · recording software pack · StreamXpert v 2: Real time TS analysis · decoding · recording software


75-Ω F female x1

Product features

* Function comparison chart with DTA - 2131

  • It corresponds to the demodulation of 1 channel of VHF / UHF band, DVB-T2 (supporting DVB-T2 Lite) / C2 / ISDB-T
  • Supports demodulation of all DVB-T2 modes (Single-PLP, Multiple-PLP), SISO, MISO
  • RF level, MER, bit error rate measurement, L1 parameter monitoring possible
  • Free offer of Dektec hardware common SDK (STAPI)

Application areas

  • As a multi-purpose DVB-T2 / DVB-C2 / ISDB-T receiver
  • For monitoring DVB-T2 and ISDB-T
  • Combined with digital broadcast signal multiprocessing software VillageFlow
  • DVB-C / T / T 2 / C2 / ISDB-T signal can be rebroadcast locally

Supported software

  • VF-Rec multifunction TS / SDI recording software * A separately sold software license is required.
  • StreamXpert Real-time TS analysis, decoding, recording software
  • StreamXpert Lite Real time TS decoding, recording software

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