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Detector Decimator D4


Advanced Signal Monitoring

Detector Decimator D4


The Detector software add-on license allows users to display multiple signal constellation displays on a single screen.

  • View up to 100 constellations on a single window.
  • Display Updates in Real-Time as signals are measured.
  • The signal analysis engine demodulates and decodes a MPEG transport stream based on DVB-S/S2/S2X signal and provides signal characteristics, signal to noise ratio(SNR), and a constellation display.

Key Features

The DIsplay is easily Configurable

  • Easy to set up based on the carriers already defined in the monitoring plan.
  • Configure the display in multiple ways
  • Show all signals.
  • Show only alarmed carriers.
  • Show a custom list of Carriers.
  • The display can be configured to show alarming carriers only.
  • The most recently alarmed carrier is automatically moved to the top-left corner of the screen.
  • As signal quality issues are resolved and the carrier reverts to a nominal state, the non-alarmed carriers are removed from the top-left corner display.
  • At-a-glance view of the alarming carriers includes the duration of the alarm, so you know if it’s a persistent or transient issue.
  • Focus on priority carriers by creating a custom list of carriers to display, simply select the signals of interest from the monitoring plan.
  • The live display can be sized to look good on your monitor or on a large operations center screen.
  • Save different display configurations to project files for fast recall.
  • The display conveniently operates within the web browser.

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