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ASI and IP Mini Converter for Internet Transmission


  • CatonXchange is format, resolution, and codec independent. Conversion and transmission support for all digital media formats from the web to broadcast.
  • CatonXchange has built-in real-time TS monitoring to log TS Sync Loss, Sync Byte, and Continuity Count Errors. All logs can be exported as CSV files.
  • Integrated ASI and Gigabit Ethernet standard connectors make CatonXchange a bridge between broadcast and IP transmission workflows. SMPTE 2022 will be supported via a future firmware update.
  • CatonXchange supports simultaneous recording into USB media during transmission. Recorded files can be download via web UI.
  • CatonXchange supports RTMP Push to CDNs and also RTMP Pull from CDNs and conversion into ASI, UDP or HTTP
  • CatonXchange’s easy to use web browser interface make setup simple. Configure, control and monitor in one location.

Technical Specifications

Input / Ouput

  • ASI input and output up to 108Mbps
  • UDP input and output up to 160Mbps
  • R2TP input and output up to 80Mbps with AES-128 encryption
  • USB 2.0 support recording
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45) for WAN
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45) for LAN


  • ASI, UDP, HTTP and RTMP output
  • Caton Engine R2TP output
  • Recording as MPEG-TS file with no recompression
  • Real-time TS Stream Monitoring

Network and Control

  • DHCP (Default) / Static IP address
  • API integrates with third-party controllers and applications
  • Full web-based remote control
  • Command and control: HTTP with logs recording

Power and Operation

  • 85~264V AC Input, Frequency Range 47~63Hz. Efficiency 85%
  • Operating Temperature 0~+50 Degree C
  • Operating Humidity 20~90% Relative Humidity
  • Rack Mount Kit is included


Professional Workflow for Point to Point Contribution

Professional Workflow for Satellite Up/Downlink, Telecom Network Connectivity

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