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CarrierWatch is a cost effective add-on option for the Decimator D3 spectrum analyzer that enhances the Decimator’s carrier monitoring capabilities

add-on option for the Decimator D3



  • View all your carriers at a glance
  • Display Up to 100 Live carriers in a single window
  • Colors indicate when carriers are in alarm
  • Display updates in real-time as the carriers are measured
  • Zoom into a carrier to playback traces and view the trend plot
  • The trace is displayed as an overlay on top of the multiple carrier display
  • A trend plot is available to show the carrier power over time so you can quickly spot any power fluctuations
  • Alarm lines indicate when the carrier power has crossed the threshold
  • Review previous traces from the trend plot history
  • Playback traces to determine whether the power change was sudden or gradual
  • Overview of the carrier specifications like expected power and measurement parameters as span and resolution bandwidth

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