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  • 1x HDMI Input port
  • 1x SFP port

Product features

Like the BarnOne series, the BarnMini family is compatible with Universal SFP, and its compact housing brings high flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness to the system. BarnMini 3 has 1 port HDMI input and it is possible to convert multi format by installing SFP. By combining BarnOne, BarnMini 1 and BarnMini 4, it is possible to transmit HDMI over long distances.

Product details

SFP port
· 1 x SFP, LC / PC connector (SFP HD-BNC to SDI, CVBS)
SMPTE 259 M, 292 M, 372 M, 424 M, 297 M
· Hot plug / swap · Single mode / Multi mode correspondence · 18 CWDM wavelength selection (ITU - T G.694.2)
· Multirate reclocking of outputs 270 Mbit / s - 3 Gbit / s
Power supply
12V. (Power supply included in product)
Casing dimensions
92mm x 98mm x 22mm

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