AG 4800A


2RU openGear® Chassis

AG 4800A

Product Summary

Sencore’s AG 4800A is the chassis for our series of professional receiver decoder cards with high-density, multi-format decoding capabilities. The AG 4800A 20-Slot openGear® Chassis accommodates up to 10 receiver decoder cards (10 channels) in a 2RU frame.

The Sencore card-based series of receiver decoders are used within the AG 4800A openGear® chassis. With openGear® and the open architecture system, the multi-format decoding functionality of Sencore’s award-winning Modular Receiver Decoder (MRD) can be easily integrated with a wide range of solutions available from multiple companies, each specializing in their own technologies.

Main Features

  • 20-slot Chassis Easily integrate up to 10 Sencore receiver decoder cards in this high-density 2RU frame.
  • Hot-Swappable Cards All Sencore receiver decoder cards are hot-swappable for seamless operation. Unused slots can be pre-wired into a facility to allow the installation of additional cards at any time without accessing the rear of the frame.
  • Redundant Power Supplies Redundant 150W power supplies are hot-swappable for 24/7 operation.
  • Remote Access View multiple chassis and multiple cards simultaneously with the DashBoardTM application. Integrate monitoring and control into any network management system with the available SNMP MIB.


Easily integrate the multi-format decoding functionality of Sencore\'s award winning Modular Receiver Decoder (MRD) with a wide range of openGear® solutions.

  • Multi-Channel and Multi-Format Decoding Ideal for bulk channel monitoring and turn-around applications.
  • Multi-Function A/V Processing Meet all contribution and distribution requirements.

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