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Village Island received the CALIAN Pinnacle Award, 2021

Tokyo, 27th of Jan 2022: Village Island received the inaugural Pinnacle Award, 2021. The Pinnacle Award recognizes that throughout 2021, Village Island was one of the top resellers of Decimator D4.



The Multi-Port Decimator D4 is a fourth-generation spectrum measurement and signal analyzer unit with several built-in features like carrier monitoring, cross-pol measurements, and optional DVB signal demodulation and signal analysis. The HTML5-based user interface allows the D4 to be operated from all browsers and on all platforms including Android and IOS devices With a powerful internal dual-core processor, D4 uses state-of-the-art digital technology and Fast Fourier transformations to perform fast and accurate measurements.


We know firsthand that your sales do not happen without a great deal of effort. Congratulations on this elite achievement. We truly appreciate your hard work, and we are fortunate to have you as our factory authorized reseller...” said Peter Waskowic, Director, Satcom Products, at CALIAN, Advanced Technologies.

What a better way to start the year?” said Michael Van Dorpe, CEO at Village Island, and continues: “We have been following CALIAN Decimator product for many years, through this amazing technical evolution, and we are glad to be part of this journey. Despite the Covid pandemic crisis, customers and CALIAN kept trusting our team and support, and we are thankful for that, and in exchange, we give our best throughout the year. Those sales reflect our past efforts. This is teamwork.

About VILLAGE island:

VILLAGE island is focusing on South-East Asia, Japan, and the Pacific, based in Tokyo, with activities including distribution, integration, development, and services. With its dedicated team and network of qualified professionals, “VI” offers a full range of hardware and software technologies, highly integrated, flexible, and known as a cost-performing solution for all broadcast and streaming needs.

VILLAGE island’s typical customers are broadcast/telecom operators, TV/Radio stations, system integrators, HE equipment, and STB/TV manufacturers. VILLAGE island disposes of a wide customer base with more than a thousand systems deployed. The reason for this success lies in VI’s engineer mind and spirit of teaming up with customers, with a focus on delivering practical solutions to concrete needs. For more details, visit our website: www.village-island.com


CALIAN (Canada), Satcom Products’s primary market is the global satellite communications sector, serving satellite manufacturers, operators, and service providers around the world. CALIAN provides also satellite operations services to control and monitor satellites for government and commercial clients. CALIAN applies its systems design and integration skills in terrestrial communications and military markets as well, providing test systems and contract manufacturing services to prime contractors and equipment manufacturers. The Decimator stand-alone products offer a cost-effective solution for RF spectrum monitoring.