VF-SMON Multi-TS monitoring Solution
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple ASI,IP & RF inputs
  • Data reporting down to 100ms granularity
  • Powerful interfacing with Dataminer NMS

  • Low cost monitoring for multichannel (ASI, IP, and RF inputs)
  • Monitoring function embedded into digital broadcasting system (MUX, Dataserver etc..)
  • Low cost TS logging / TS monitoring for Compliance recording
  • Fully-customizable monitoring process and reporting format
Monitoring Features
  • High-performance monitoring compliant with TR101 290 standard
  • Full interfacing with Dataminer for Alarming, Automation, Correlation, Dashboards and Reporting
  • Supporting TS/Service/PID level multi-monitoring
  • All bitrates from all PID/Services/TS recorded every 1s
  • Monitoring of SCTE35 Cue Tone triggers
  • Monitoring of maximum 6Gbps with 1U server
  • TS monitoring from RF input
  • Monitoring log control per TS
  • Continuous TS recording (TS Logging)
  • Errors and Failure notifications with SNMP/ XML reports

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Typical Use case
  • TS monitoring & logging system for MPTS/SPTS
  • Cable provider with multiple QAM and IP streams
  • Terrestrial broadcaster with specific requirements (e.g. SFN)
  • Satellite broadcaster with multiple transponders (up to 10x MCPC per unit)
  • IPTV with high data load (up to 2Gbps per chassis)


Chassis Selectable as rack-mounted (1U, 4RU) type or desktop type
Input DVB-ASI , IP, DVB-S/S2, QAM A-B-C, all UHF/VHF
Input rate 0~60Mbps per stream, max 2Gbps total per machine
Output DVB-ASI, IP *Option – PID/Service filtering available
TS logging Loop logging for a certain time *Option (Ex: 36 hours with 30Mbps in a 500Gb HDD)
Settings Web interface for alarm settings
Supported broadcast types Terrestrial digital, satellite, cable, local broadcast
Monitoring notifications Error notification via SNMP, XML and web interface

Monitoring Specifications
Monitoring standard TR101 290(P1、P2、P3)
Rate PID rate monitoring
PCR Interval, jitter
TOT Monitoring function for TOT time
Data broadcast Monitoring of DSMCC,DDB,DIII,DL