Village Island DVB-T2 Testbed Solutions


The DVB-T2 broadcasting server is the perfect solution for any research and development team wanting to gain more knowledge on the new DVB-T2 standard, and use it for Set-top-box development and troubleshooting. Based on the VillageFlow platform, the server is able to broadcast in DVB-T2 offline using TS input files and also online from live SD/HD-SDI input.

The flexibility of the Village Flow multiplexing platform allows the server to be customized for specific needs. With the possibility of including, EPG insertion, Datacasting, sub-title insertion etc.


  • University Institutions
  • Research and Development Laboratories
  • Set-top box development
  • Set-top box after sales troubleshooting and upgrading

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DVB-T2 signal generator

  • Complete multi‐PLP DVB‐T2 modulator with full user control over general DVB-T2 parameters, T2-Frame structure and parameters per PLP
  • T2‐lite profile support
  • Multi‐profile stream generation, e.g. generate T2 lite and T2 base profile in each other’s FEF
  • Receiver Buffer Model (RBM) validation and corner cases stream generation with real video
  • “Big‐TS‐splitter” function with SI processing for easy generation of multi‐PLP streams with a common PLP from a standard Transport Stream
  • Input from Transport‐Stream files, built‐in O151 PRBS generator or DVB V&V stream generator model
  • Support for PAPR
  • MISO simulation: Generation of I/Q sample files for both MISO transmitter signals with optional independent channel modelling of each signal
  • Can be used in conjunction with DekTec’s DTC‐305‐CM XpressSim channel simulator with :
  • AWGN generator (adjustable SNR), multipath fading, Rayleigh channels and Doppler simulation to accurately simulate reflections and a moving receiver Applications

DVB-T2 RF output

  • Digital upconversion for excellent signal quality without need for calibration
  • UHF/VHF RF output for:
    • Direct connection to the device under test
    • Up-conversion for local broadcast (Room, Campus etc…)
  • RF connector : 75-Ω F female
  • Frequency range : 36 .. 1002MHz ±3ppm
  • Bandwidth (max): 16MHz
  • I/Q sample rate: 4.7 .. 9.375MHz
  • Level:
  • Range: 32 .. -9dBm (QAM) -35 .. -12dBm (OFDM)
  • Step Size: 0.1dB
  • Accuracy: ±2dB
  • MER: >40dB
  • Adjacent channel: -54dB (QAM) -52dB (OFDM)
  • Phase noise : <-95dBc @ 100kHz
  • Spectral purity : >50dB @ -9dBm
  • Wideband noise : 35dBμV (B=1MHz)


HD/SD Encoder

  • Functions:
    • Hybrid encoder for both MPEG2 and H.264
    • High quality ISDB-T One-seg encoder
    • RF modulation (terrestrial digital and satellite) output option
    • IP (TS over IP) output option
    • Failure notifications with SNMP
    • Automatic time setting with NTP
  • Web based interface
  • Error notification with SNMP
  • Input: HD-SDI or HDMI
  • Video compression: HD:H.264, MPG2 MP@HL SD:H.264, MPEG2 MP@ML One-seg: H.264 BaselineProfile (ISDB-T/Tb) Rate: ~30Mbps
  • Audio compression: AAC, HE-AAC(SBR), MP-L2 (support for ISDB-T/Tb) Rate:~256Kbps
  • Output TS Rate: up to 60Mbps
  • PSI/SI insertion: PAT, PMT, NIT, SDT, TOT etc…


RF Analyzer

  • Real-time application for :
    • Demodulating DVB-T2
    • Displaying signalling information
    • Outputting a demodulated TS on UDP
    • Unique: Outputting a complete T2MI on UDP
  • Full user control over the entire DVB-T2 parameter set
  • NEW: DVB-T2 v1.3.1 (L1-Post Scrambling and T2 Lite) fully supported
  • Uses RF frontend, tuner and A/D converter of the DTA-2131 receiver card
  • Supports single-PLP and multi-PLP
  • Measures RF level, C/N and MER
  • Pre and post LDPC error counters, and number of LDPC iterations statistics
  • Can be used with DtTV for decoding and viewing the Transport Stream