Product Name Description

VB120/220/330 | IP Core Monitoring Blades The VB120/220/330 modular BROADCAST PROBE is designed for continuous digital TV monitoring. System scalability in terms of monitoring capacity, signal formats handled and functionality ensures a future-proof solution. The ability to continuously measure all your media services makes the VB120/220/330 invaluable for confidence monitoring.

VB20/12/micro | Portable IP monitoring probes These unobtrusive devices provide deep packet inspection and end-to-end visibility in broadcast quality media delivery over any IP based infrastructure.

VB242| ASI Monitoring Blades The VB242 ASI input option card allows operators real-time high density ASI monitoring or switched ASI round-robin monitoring for remote or head-end applications. With up to 13 ASI inputs in a 1 RU chassis in combination with the VB220 or VB120 controllers, the VB242 is perfect for existing infrastructures in the head-end and the regional edge-multiplexer/ modulator/ transmitter site.

VB252/262/272| RF Monitoring Blades The VB range of RF monitoring probes enable monitoring of your DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2and DVB-S/S2 networks. In addition to monitoring typical RF parameters, the monitoring solution is complemented by the renowned VideoBridge ETSI TR 101 290 monitoring engine to ensure standards conformance at all levels.

VB280| Video Extractor Blades The VB280 CONTENT EXTRACTOR offers thumbnail and metadata extraction for up to 100 TV multicast streams concurrently via GigE interfacing. The VB280 CONTENT EXTRACTOR is ideal for visual at-a-glance monitoring in the NOC, VOC, head-end or remotely via any standard web browser.

CMA1820| Compressed Media Analyzer The CMA 1820 is the ideal solution for compressed media in-depth analysis and encoding compliance. It enables designers, engineers, system integrators, and network operators to quickly and easily verify standards compliance, identify media interoperability issues, develop products around new CODECs, and troubleshoot transmission issues.