Product Name Description

DMG1200 | ASI/IP Transport Stream Gateway Re-purpose your streams in this ultra compact device (16 channels in a 1RU!), from indifferent numbers of ASI and IP inputs/outputs.

DMG3000 | Professional Multiplexer The DMG 3000 features advanced multiplexing software that simplifies engineers’ deployment and operational routines. Developed specifically for digital cable operators, the multiplexer performs full analysis of source PSI/SI and PSIP tables, with automatic regeneration of all tables as required, up to a maximum 250 multiplexes.

MRD2600 | Satellite Receiver The MRD 2600 receiver shares the professional- grade front-end collection from Sencore’s newest decoder designs, but removes the baseband video and audio components. This makes it a cost-effective solution for single-transponder, multi-service descrambling or single channel digital turnaround applications.