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Implementing 1+1 RF Redundancy with the SMD-989 | White Paper Satellite modulators sit at a critical point in the delivery chain for a video distributor. When a satellite link goes down, thousands, or even millions of customers can lose their video feed. Telephones of the provider’s customer service center all the way up to the network operations center will begin ringing, and in no time, a mad scramble to diagnose and repair the issue will kick off.

Monitoring an OTT Delivery Network | White Paper Internet video — better known as over-the-top (OTT) or adaptive bit rate streaming — is quickly becoming the path of the future and will be the way the majority of TV content will be consumed. While OTT technology is fairly mature and has developed robust standards, the concept of monitoring is often an overlooked necessity. When developing an OTT network, it’s important to keep in mind that monitoring has equal importance to the network itself. Customer expectations are high and providing the highest quality content is paramount.

Leveraging video transcoding in head-end and hub architectures | White Paper Professional broadcasters today face an ever growing array of new technologies, distribution options, format choices, and new and changing standards. Content providers have many choices for distributing digital video via satellite, over the air, and through IP networks. New technologies such as H.264 compression and DVB-S2 modulation offer enticing ways to reduce operating costs, increase quality, or offer new services to subscribers. In addition, the switch from analog to digital video topologies and adoption of high definition services creates the transitional need to simultaneously integrate new equipment while supporting legacy devices and services from end to end in the delivery chain.

The Sencore TXS Transcoder and Picture Quality Assessment | White Paper The video compression technology integrated into the Sencore TXS series of video transcoding products is based on latest generation H.264 and MPEG-2 encoding techniques which were designed for professional applications. Rapid advances in the algorithms which power today’s compression systems enable the TXS to produce video quality exceeding that of existing, deployed encoding systems at a significantly reduced bitrate. This core technology puts the product at a significant advantage when compared to competingproducts which are powered by less advanced technology.

Advanced Encoding Features of the Sencore TXS Transcoder | White Paper The Sencore TXS transcoder features latest-generation video encoding technology, which provides unparalleled video quality with best-in-class compression rates. In order to achieve this efficiency, the product leverages multiple, complex encoding tools and algorithms. To obtain the best possible video output from TXS products, it is helpful to understand how some of these advanced features function, and in what situations they might be used.

Using the Channel Simulator with XpressSim | White Paper Application note for using DTC-305 XpressSim Multipath RF Channel Simulator on DTA-107/115/116/117 and DTU-245