The puzzle of 4K 60p playout

4K player decoder HEVC 4K 60p demonstration by Village Island Co.,Ltd.

All major consumer and professional display manufacturer (SONY, SHARP, PANASONIC, TOSHIBA, LG, SAMSUNG, ASTRO, TVLOGIC,etc..) release their 4K LCD display supporting up to 4K, 60p, 10bit through multiple HDMI or SDI connectors or Display Ports.

However, there is a major lack of affordable and flexible video player which are able to generate such signal. Even when visiting home electronic stores (example: Yamada Denki, Harvey Norman), the official reply is that there is still no way to play 4K 60p content to the TV.

The main reason is that the only video players supporting 4K 60p are expensive and dedicated hardware with synchronous SSD disk or flash memory to sustain such a huge data load, and that 4K 60p content represents about 10Gbps of data rate which is impossible to be played by standard PC hard-disk.

Another reason is that storage for such huge load of data (1 hour of content is ~5 TB) is not commonly available, thus increasing the difficulty to access affordable playout systems.

To achieve affordable storage device, a compression system is required which allows preservation of the original contents in high quality.
The three “state-of-the-art” video compression technology available today are:
1. the new HEVC or H.265 (with twice the compression performances of H.264),
2. Sony’s XAVC and,
3. the Digital Cinema and Broadcast adopted JPEG2000 (visually lossless).

Achieving HEVC, XAVC or JPEG2000 real-time processing is a very tough challenge which normally requires dedicated hardware (FPGA, ASIC or GPU), but in this year’s InterBEE 2013, Village Island is happy to announce the solution named “VillageStudio 4K Play-Out“, which permit to play 4K compressed (HEVC, XAVC, JPEG2000) from disk and generate in real-time through commonly available 4K PC board such Matrox, Dektec, BlackMagic, Image Matters, NVIDIA,..
VillageStudio 4K decode and plays in real-time file packaged in TS, MP4 and MXF.

In order to export various contents from generic format (AVI, WMV, YUV, DPX,..), VillageStudio comes with a Off-line encoder option, which can run in the background of your play-out server without interrupting the play-out process. Such encoding can also be automated on dedicated machine thanks to the VillageFlow TS processing platform or even run on the cloud thanks to the ViCloud solution.

The first version of VillageStudio 4K will be delivered together with professional grade PC supplied by VillageIsland.
Future version of VillageStudio (from 2014) may be sold as a software only solution.

More information on 4K during Interbee 2013: JPEG 2000, 4K, 60P
If you have any queries or interest in this product, please feel free to contact us: Contact Information

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