SFP + compatible TICO SDI converter


Product Summary

VICO - 4H is a cost - effective solution that realizes 4K over 10GE at a low cost. By utilizing the visual quality loss of image quality by the TICO codec and the ultra low delay (fixed delay of dozens of lines) which is a feature of VICO-4, by further supporting SFP +, 4K 60 P can be used for optical transmission by CWDM, SMPTE 2022-6 / It is possible to realize IP transmission by 2110 easily. Transmission by 3G-SDI is also possible at the same time.

  • SFP + compatible (CWDM, SMPTE-2022-6 / 2110)
  • Function setting by USB I / F
  • Low latency ten lines fixed delay
  • Compression ratio 4: 1
  • High image quality high peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR)

Usage area

  • Material transmission Optical cable transmission, stadium, event venue, intra-office, inside relay transmission
  • Storage cost reduction to storage 1/4
  • Provide embedded OEM board, multichannel, customizable

Tecnical specifications

SDI input
BNC 75Ω 3G-SDI Level A/B, 12G-SDI
Bit Depth
Frame rate
50P, 59.94P, 60P
Encoder input
4K (4 x 3G-SDI), 4K(1x12G-SDI)
Encoder output
1 x 3G-SDI, SFP+
Decoder input
1 x 3G-SDI, SFP+
Decoder output
4K (4 x 3G-SDI)、4K(1x12G-SDI), HD(1 x 3G-SDI)
Signal split mode
QUAD(SQD: square division)またはINTER(2SI: 2 sample interleave division)
483W x 196D x 44H
Power supply
AC 100~240V
Power consumption
About 3.0 Kg
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
20~80%RH *結露なきこと

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